Committee Members

Bridget Ossmann, Founder
Sarah Kimble, Co-Founder
Bekka Eaton, Artistic Director
Ercel Eaton
Josh Kimble
Greg Ossmann
Jordan Eaton

Who Is Virginia Budge?

 Virginia Budge is a fictional character created by playwright Bridget Ossmann in her musical comedy "Teachers Left Behind".  Virginia is a retired teacher that believes state tests and grade point averages do not show the full talents and potential of any individual.  Virginia Budge feels, as many educators feel, that students are:

"More than a Test Score."

Mission Statement

The Virginia Budge Award exists to create, promote, develop, sponsor, sustain, facilitate, and further the Arts within Butler County, Ohio. For the mission of the Committee, the term “Arts” shall be defined and literally construed to include the making or doing of things that have form and beauty, and to encompass all forms of Arts including the Arts of music, painting, sculpture, dance, theater, film, opera, ballet, and any other of the performing Arts requiring and exhibiting an exceptional level of creativity, skill or talent.